Friday, December 16, 2016

KEHLANI Antisummerluv lyrics site
KEHLANI Antisummerluv Lyrics, singer by KEHLANI

I don�t need no summertime love
I�m not looking for someone to pass the season
I don�t need just anyone
But you intrigue me for some reason
You seem oh-so real
And I don�t want to taste if I can't have it
I could show you how I feel
But I don�t need to pick up a new habit

After June on through July
Then you go back to wherever you came from
Don�t want to wipe no tears from my eyes
I mean why, when I could just save them?
Cause I swear that I am anti summer love

After the summer everything just gets weird (so weird)
We�ll grow apart and begin to stop talking
I'll never forget those nights at the pier
Oh the first time our lips got to locking
And I don�t want a love
That is only temporary
I can love with all my heart
But I can�t let it get that heavy


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