Thursday, September 29, 2016

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logic contact Lyrics, singer by LOGIC

[thalia:] destabilization complete. prepare for departure
[kai:] took you long enough
[thomas:] oh, i'm sorry, your highness. i'll have to try and ask the asteroid field i had to detour through to not try and kill me next time
[kai:] man, i'm just messing with you
[thomas:] yeah, whatever
[kai:] so what'd you do on the way over here?
[thomas:] um, you know, just listening to some oldies
[kai:] oldies? like who?
[thomas:] logic
[kai:] logic? the fuck you know about logic?
[thomas:] i just listened to his first album on the ride over
[kai:] under pressure?
[thomas:] yeah, that's the one
[kai:] shit...
[thomas:] i was actually gonna put in the second one now
[kai:] alright, well you know this was the album that changed everything, right?
[thomas:] i know, that's why it's so important

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